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  • In the Minoan times an omnipotent Goddess dominated and influenced the everyday life of men and women. She was a symbol of the source of life, of motherly affection, womanly power and creation. She was referred as Potnia, Anthia, Diktina … or Dotira, namely the one who offers.


    Perhaps it was not a coincidence that this Goddess was celebrated in Crete, the island that offers all that can make imagination come true. The location, geography and climate here have created a plentiful natural wealth and have endowed people with a special sense of offering and hospitality.


    So, we welcome you to Crete and Mesi, a small traditional village of the 16th century, just 15 km away from the city of Rethymno. Built on a lovely position, on a small hill of 300 meters, with an open view on the Cretan Sea. Mesi is populated by just 50 inhabitants but has two traditional coffee places and a tavern in the village square. It preserves its traditional character and offers hospitality, a peaceful holiday and also the challenge to explore the beautiful landscape of the Arcadi region as the perfect point of departure.


    Arcadi extends from the northern cost to the foothills of Psiloritis Mountain. It comprises of highland and mainly lowland areas. The latter are dominated by the greatest olive orchards of the Mediterranean area. Arcadi offers many choices for exploration. The natural beauty – including the Arcadi Canyon- and the traditional villages are complemented by ancient settlements, byzantine churches and museums, which manifest a rich cultural and historical heritage. The broader area of Rethymno prefecture is a perfect destination all year round: it boasts of beautiful beaches, important archaeological sites, a moderate climate and the famous Cretan hospitality.


    Our house, Dotira, is a two-story stone mansion of the 18th century. The house is 165,91 square meters and the surrounding plot is 349,96 square meters. In the first floor there are three bedrooms (two double and one single) and a WC. On the ground flour there is the kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom. Thanks to the recent careful restoration the house adheres to the traditional architecture and offers our visitors the experience of a special sojourn. With respect to the house’ s history, natural materials, such as wood, stone, were used and the traditional elements of the house were preserved and made prominent: the bathroom, the fire place, the wood oven and the water trough of the inner court, the stable, which has been converted to an office, and the feeders. The inner court and the office face the northeast, where the main entrance of the house is located with its traditional arch, the crest – a cross – and the wooden traditional door. The northwest side of the building has an outer stone staircase, an arch, a balcony and another entrance to the ground floor (kitchen) and the first floor. The north side has a stone garden with lovely local herbs and flours.

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